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How important is the QME to your case?

The QME is a Qualified Medical Evaluator and is the most important doctor you will see in the course of your workers’ compensation claim.  The QME is assigned to address all workers’ compensation benefits.  The QME will address: 1) if you have suffered a work injury, 2) suggests necessary medical care you need (but their opinion on care is not binding), 3) whether you need time off of work or work restrictions, 4) whether you have a permanent disability or impairment, and 5) whether you need job retraining.

Both the QME and your Primary Treating Physician (PTP) can and should address all of these issues.  Unfortunately, in the age of Medical Provider Networks (MPN) it is unlikely your PTP will address many of these issues.  As a result, the QME may be the only doctor to address these benefits for you.

I have spoken with countless injured workers and most put little effort into determining which QME might be best for their case.  Frequently, injured workers tell me they selected the QME based on the location of the exam or the exam date. Selection of the QME is too important to your case to leave it up to random chance.  Once you are examined by a QME, you are stuck with that QME for the remainder of your case (with few exceptions).  You should have help from someone familiar with the workers’ compensation system and who knows the advantages and disadvantages of different QMEs.  Whether you have already been to a QME, or are in the process of picking a QME, contact us at 530-898-9600 for a free consultation with a Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist.

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