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Workers’ Compensation Abbreviations

Workers’ Compensation Abbreviations

A workers’ compensation claim is already a difficult process, but beyond the stress of injury and paperwork you will also need to navigate a new world of legal and medical abbreviations. The Law Offices of Siles & Foster, P.C., law experts are here to help. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, contact us to today for a free consultation 530-898-9600. We’ve put together the following list of common abbreviations you will encounter during your workers’ comp claim:

A & P           Anterior and Posterior

AA                Applicant’s Attorney

ACOEM        American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

AD                 Administrative Director

ADA             Americans with Disabilities Act

ADL             Activities of Daily Living

AMA            American Medical Association

AME            Agreed Medical Examiner

AOE/COE    Arising out of and in the course and scope of employment

APP             Application for Adjudication of Claim

AWW         Average Weekly Wage

BP               Blood Pressure

CAL/OSHA California Department of Occupational Safety + Health Administration

CALPERS California Public Employees’ Retirement System

CALSTRS California State Teachers’ Retirement System

CBC           Complete Blood Count

CCC            California Compensation Case

CF               Conversion Factor

CHSWC     Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation

CIGA           California Insurance Guarantee Association

C & R           Compromise and Release

CMS            Center for Medicare Services

CNA            Certified Nursing Assistant

CNS            Central Nervous System

COPD          Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

CRPS          Complex Regional Pain System

CT               Cumulative Trauma

CT                Computerized Topography

CVA             Cerebral Vascular Accident

DA               Defense Attorney

DEPO         Deposition

DEU            Disability Evaluation Unit

DFEC          Diminished Future Earning Capacity

DR               Declaration of Readiness to Proceed

DFEH         Department of Fair Employment and Housing

DIR            Department of Industrial Relations

DM             Diabetes Mellitus

DOB          Date of Birth

DOI           Date of Injury

DOL          Date of Loss

DOR          Declaration of Readiness to Proceed

DOSH       Division of Occupational Safety and Health

DSM          Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders

DWC          Division of Workers Compensation

DWC-1      Claim Form

Dx               Diagnosis

EAMS        Electronic Adjudication Management System

EBM           Evidence Based Medicine

EDD           Employment Development Department

EE              Employee

EEOC        Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EIDL        Enhanced Industrial Disability Leave

EMG         Electromyography

ENT           Ear Nose & Throat

EOR           Explanation of Review

F & A          Findings and Award

FACS          Fellow American College of Surgeons

FEC            Future Earning Capacity

FEHA        Fair Employment and Housing Act

FLMA        Family and Medical Leave Act

FM              Future Medical

GAF           Global Assessment of Functioning

GAL            Guardian Ad Litem

GERD        Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease

HCO           Health Care Organization

HEENT      Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat

HMO          Healthcare Maintenance Organization

HNP           Herniated Nucleus Pulposus

I & A           Information and Assistance Office

IDL             Industrial Disability Leave

IDL/S        Industrial Disability Leave with Supplementation

IMC            Industrial Medical Council

IIP              Injury Illness Prevention Program

IME            Independent Medical Examiner

IME            Industrial Medical Council

IME             Independent Medical Evaluation

IMR            Independent Medical Review

I + A           Information and Assistance Unit

JA               Job Analysis

KCERA      Kern County Employees Retirement Association

LACERA   Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association

LACERS    Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System

LBP            Lower Back Pain

LC               Labor Code

LOS           Length of Stay

LVH           Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

LVN           Licensed Vocation Nurse

MD            Medical Doctor

MI              Myocardial Infarction

MMI           Maximum Medical Improvement

MOU          Memorandum of Understanding

MPN           Medical Provider Network

MRI            Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MSA           Medicare Set Aside

MSA           Merit Salary Adjustment

MSC            Mandatory Settlement Conference

MTUS         Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule

MVA           Motor Vehicle Accident

NCV            Nerve Conduction Velocity

OCERS       Orange County Employees Retirement System

OCR            Optical Character Recognition

OD              Office of Director

OMFS        Official Medical Fee Schedule

OSHA        Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OTOC         Ordered Taken off Calendar

P & S           Permanent and Stationary

PC               Priority Conference

Ph. D.        Doctor of Philosophy

PI                Permanent Intermittent

PI                Personal Injury

PJ                Presiding Judge

PD               Permanent Disability

PDA            Permanent Disability Advance

PDR            Permanent Disability Rating

PDRS          Permanent Disability Rating Schedule

PPD             Partial Permanent Disability

PT                Physical Therapy

PTA             Post Traumatic Amenesia

PTC              Pre-Trial Conference

PTD              Permanent Total Disability

PTP               Primary Treating Physician

PTSD           Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PVD               Peripheral Vascular Disease

QIW              Qualified Injured Worker

QME             Qualified Medical Examiner

Recon          Reconsideration

Reg.              Regulation

RFA              Request for Authorization

RSD            Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

RTW            Return to Work

RU                Rehabilitation Unit

RU-91         Description of Employees’ Job Duties Form

RU-94         Offer of Alternative or Modified Work Form

Rx                Prescription

S & W          Serions and Willful Misconduct

SC                 Status Conference

SCIF             State Compensation Insurance Fraud

SDI              State Disability Insurance

SDT             Subpena Duces Tecum

SIBTF          Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trust Fund

SIF               Subsequent Injuries Fund

SJDB           Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit

SOL              Statute of Limitations

SSA              Social Security Administration

SSD              Social Security Disability

SSDI             Social Security Disability Insurance

SSI                Social Security Income

SSN              Social Security Number

STIP             Stipulations and Request for Award

Sx                 Surgical

TBI              Traumatic Brain Injury

TD               Temporary Disability Benefits

TIA               Transient Ischemic Attack

TPA              Third Party Administrator

TPD              Temporary Partial Disability

TTD              Total Temporary Disability

Tx                 Treatment

U & C            Usual and Customary Employment

UEBTF         Uninsured Employers Benefit Trust Fund

UEF              Uninsured Employers Fund

UR                Utilization Review

VR                Vocational Rehabilitation

VRMA         Vocational Rehabilitation Maintenance Allowance

VRTWC        Vocational + Return to Work Counselor

WCIRB        Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau

WCAB           Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board

WCALJ          Workers’ Compensation Administrative Law Judge

WCJ               Workers’ Compensation Judge

WPI                Whole Person Impairment

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